Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lola's First Haircut

If you are my friend on Facebook, then you already know.  But yesterday Lola got her first haircut.  I have been holding off but it was getting so uneven and mullet-y that I had to give in.  A cute lady in my neighborhood cut it, she was fast and did a great job.  But Lola was confused about what was going on and wanted out of there.  Her face is hilarious.  She looks like a pretty lady and still doesn't really get that she got a haircut, but I keep telling her she looks beautiful and I ask her if she likes her hair.  She is precious!  I hope her hair will grow faster now that it has had a trim, she has hair like her mama, sorry lil one.

 It looks extra short when it is curly, but it looks fuller too!


  1. OHHHH SO CUTE! Loveeeeeeee the curls! Dannng cute girl! Just like her mama!

  2. Dari... your blog is so cute!!! I need to take lessons, I am new to blogging but I am finding I love it!! Thanks for posting on my blog it makes me feel loved..... :)


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