Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breech and Beautiful

Baby update- I saw a different Dr. on Monday night because my Dr. had an hour wait and this guy was silly.  At the beginning of the appt was trying to tell me that I need to have a VBAC or at least seriously consider it and I told him obviously it was something I was looking into.  But after doing the ultrasound and seeing that Owen too is BREECH and is already 4lbs 2oz, {which means he is measuring at 34 weeks 3 days and I was 30 weeks 6 days at the time} the Dr said, "Maybe I take back what I said before". ha ha  I thought that was so funny.  He kept saying things about how Owen's femur is huge and that he is such a big baby.  He then proceeded to ask me my shoe size and height and decided that I could probably handle having a huge baby like that. {thanks doc}  I told him that Lola was 9 LBS 12 OZ and was 8 days early and he was dying.  {I love the big babies though, it's always like telling a fishing story when I tell people how big Lola was- something to be proud of!  I can't wait to have another big, squishy, yummy baby.}  It was an entertaining appointment to say the least and let's not talk about how much weight I gained in the last month.  Let's hope that was a fluke... I will try to start walking more and eating less treats to prevent that from happening again. Oops.

All day long I have had this song in my head and I can't say I mind it one bit.  It makes me feel so happy and peaceful... and maybe a little sleepy.  Is it 5pm yet? 

Iron and Wine- "Naked As We Came"


  1. Cute post. My mom had big babies too- which means I will too most likely. But I was the biggest out of three girls (both were 9lbs) at 10lbs 12 ounces :P I was pretty much a mini watermelon.

  2. I was 9 pounds...who knows what Daren weighed. And I do love big babies but now that I'm pregnant and having to ya know....give birth the smaller the better but it better plump up quick after that. I can't believe it is so soon! I wish you lived closer to me I would make you come walk my dogs with me ;)

  3. We love 'em healthy and squishy! Yay for baby Owen!


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