Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scary's, Scary's, Everywhere

I couldn't resist posting this picture!  My mom has been watching Lola the last couple of days since I have been filling in for some co-workers and today she sent me this adorable picture of Lola in her "scary" shirt and socks.  I think I have mentioned this before but Lola LOVES scary stuff!  She loves Halloween decor, creepy movies, costumes, scaring people by running up and yelling "BOO" or growling at them.

Here are some of her favorite "scary's"!

Her favourite scary movie

and pajamas

and her in the famous joker mask that she loves to scare me with 

Without fail, every time I talk to her on the phone she always brings up scary's and when I am with her she wants to watch them and wear them and play with them.  She is such a fun, little, sweetie and I love her enthusiasm for scary stuff because I love Halloween and I think she will now too!


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