Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Necklace Project

Lately I have been loving bib necklaces and wanted to make some of my own... so of course a few months later I actually kicked it in gear and made some.  There are still a couple more styles I would like to try.  But I stayed up way too late for having to be to work at 7am this morning!  The other ones will have to wait until later.  While I was taking pictures of the necklaces and such, Lola came up and said "cheese", so you get to see her beautiful face as well! {Don't mind the mess she created behind her!  You have to pick your battles.}

Floral style

Pinwheel style


  1. Very cute! And I enjoyed it at bookclub tonight. I kept meaning to mention it...but all the video watching got in the way :)

  2. How cute!! I love the pinwheel one! I can't believe how big Lola is! and you are looking SO CUTE pregnant! Loved the 4D pics of owen too! Can't wait to see him when he gets here!!


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