Monday, September 20, 2010

My Hobby. My Addiction.

I have talked about this before, my love for TV that is.  I actually have cut back quite a bit because, as most know, there aren't very many good shows on in the summer suffice it to say my DVR has not been full.  The hubs is happy about that.  But last week 90210 and Gossip Girl started back up and I felt like I was home again.  Pathetic, I know.  Well all this rambling is leading somewhere, I promise. 

Chris and I have been thinking of little things we can do to save money with the new little one coming.  One of his ideas was to do a bundle package with the cable and internet and see if it would save us some dough.  We currently have Dish Network, which I love {and Qwest for internet}.  With Dish, I am very comfortable with navigating everything, I have all my shows set up to DVR and I enjoy the selection of channels.  The only thing that I could say is lacking is that I would like more on-demand options like you get with Comcast.  Anyway, Chris decided he would look into Comcast.  He found out that the only way we could save money would be to do the triple play bundle with tv, internet and phone for $99 for 2 years.  As soon as he told me he wanted to switch I started to get anxious.  Why?  We would save a little money monthly and we would pay it all in one bill- we would have to have a home phone which sucks, but we don't really have to use it, right?  I told myself it would be ok and told Chris if he would spearhead this whole arrangement so I didn't have to do any of the arranging that it would be fine.  He had Comcast all set up to come today and I was sweating it.  He kept asking if I was ok with it and I would ask him my questions, he would answer and then I'd feel like I would be ok and say, "No, I am fine", but I was STRESSING.  This morning he called to cancel Dish and tell Qwest and apparently when he called Qwest they said since we upgraded to faster internet a while back, it renewed our contract until Feb so we can't cancel without a huge fee.  So he called and cancelled the installation of Comcast and re-started our Dish which he had only called a few minutes before, so now we are back where we started. 

But I am so relieved!!!!!!  I have narrowed down why.  I was/am so scared of losing all the timers I have set for my shows.  THAT IS TERRIBLE!  But gees, I have different things that I watch at different times of the year and I don't have the time or patience to research when they start, let alone having  to remember everything that records.  I love having all my shows record when the new season starts and all the goodies that I forgot that I have set to record.  Also navigating the new channels and having to learn the new numbers for Lola's favourites and mine as well.  I had a fear that I would hate the new cable and it wouldn't record right and I would regret the switch.  Am I showing how crazy I am now?  Basically, I am glad that we have a reason to keep Dish now!!!! I love you Dish Network, I wouldn't complain if you were a bit cheaper but you meet my needs and your DVR service is great!

I promise you guys that my TV watching happens mostly when Lola is in bed but man there is nothing better than getting ready for bed and having a full DVR to unwind to.  Do you guys have shows that record that you would be "lost" without?  I think I may be a little OCD after re-reading this post.  I am also not quite sure why I felt the need to blog this but I thought it was funny that I am this crazy and I also thought that some of you may relate.  I hope I am not this scared of change in other things in my life...


  1. TV change is hard. We actually don't have any tv at my house, well besides the antenna and it works great for us. But I do have all my timers for other shows set up at my parents house. I HATE qwest internet so I kept telling them they needed to just get comcast. They made the switch and it did take a very long time for me to get use to the new channels. I still have yet to figure out just what channel Lifetime is, and yes it has been over a year. But the on demand is fantastic! It saves me a lot from the whole whoops that didn't get the new timer. However, I missed the Gossip Girl last week and I'm devastated and not sure what to do about it.

  2. Haha, oh how I can relate! Our Dish receiver crapped out on us a year ago and I lost all of my timers AND recorded DVR shows! I was so devastated! We had previously had the 3 months free of HBO and I had recorded a ton of movies and such, and they were all gone! It was such a pain to go in and have to look up all of my shows to see when they started. So I can totally feel your nervousness of having to do the same! You may want to look into Dish. I think they just came out with a bundle that has Dish and internet!

  3. I hear you! I hate changing tv stations, especially down here (Rio) where it´s either in Portuguese or not. Yes, I should watch tv in Portuguese and improve my language skills but tv is for relaxing, not education!

    Sometimes we need that little certain thing in our life, especially at the end of the day. Who cares if it´s a show about spoiled NY teenagers who spend more on snacks than we would in a day of eating. Btw, Love Gossip Girl!

  4. Like I always say, you're addicted to TV. It's crazy we're sisters. I don't like TV and you LOVE it. HA


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