Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Magical Time

SHE & HIM... it was such a fun night!  I went with Jeanette and Jesse and my sis and her friend Jordi.  We had a blast and Zooey sounded amazing.  It was awesome and the interesting people in the crowd made for some great people watching.  For example: the Superman man, the high-5 king, the drunk hippies, the old man dancing and the red head twins.  So-long Twilight Concert Series, I can't wait to see what treasures you hold for next year... with a baby (via-carrier) in tow ;)

2 of my best ladies ever!


  1. i love that you take time to go out with your girls. you are so stinkin' cute, it's ooc.

  2. Totally jealous! And the picture of the 3 of you is ADORABLE!

  3. Oh, I loved this night so very much!! We had some fun nights this summer huh? I adored seeing Zooey in real life. Love her to pieces. And you. :)


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