Monday, August 23, 2010

Growing Up and Such

Chris had a Birthday on the 17th, he is now 26 years young.{Yes, I robbed the cradle, just a little}  Lola and I picked out this Sponge Bob cake for him.  Lola kept yelling, "SPONGE BOB", she loves him!  We all went to dinner at El Burrito that night with Chris's BFF Ian and Chris's parents.  It was a lot of fun!

 Lola is turning into a big girl so fast!  Her paw paw got a great deal on this toddler bed and painted it white for her.  She loves it... in the daytime that is.  We are still working on getting her to sleep in it the whole night.  She usually lasts about half the night.  That will not fly when the baby gets here... We haven't put her bedspread on it yet, so it looks a little ghetto.
This is just cute, she loves to get in my parent's dog kennels.  Who wouldn't when you fit in there so nicely?

We are getting ready for the big potty training transition.  We bought her some big girl panties and this is how they have been put to use so far.  Yes, Chris has a pair on his head too.  Cooper and I also had princess panties on our heads... someday we will have her wear them for real for an extended period of time.  She did go pee in the potty twice this weekend and LOVES doing it so I think I will take the leap soon. 

Lola trying to put her own pj's on, note both of her legs in the one pant leg.  She was PROUD!

We had a play date at the park a couple weeks ago with some cute ladies and this was Lola's outfit.  She looked so cute that I had to snap a photo.  She looks like a big girl!

I forgot to post these pics from the family reunion earlier this month.  This is Lola and Eliza, my cousin.  Eliza was such a good helper and was SO sweet to Lola.  She chased her everywhere and would carry her around even though Lola is almost as big as she is!
Lola with an ice cream beard.
Lola and Jade, my cousin Wes's child.  She was also just the cutest with Lola and I promise Lola was happy even though she looks like she was about to cry...

This summer has flown by and Lola is getting so darn big!  But it is such a joy to see her grow.  Even though it makes me want to cry at times.  I hold and snuggle her every night and think about how lucky I am to have her and how she won't be my baby for much longer.  I wish time could slow down so she can stay little forever.  Sadly, that is not how things work, so I will enjoy all the little memories that we make along the way.


  1. what do you know?-we do underwear head too.

    lola is SO cute.

    ps: happy b-day to your man.

  2. Good luck with the potty training. Lola is a doll, I wish I could've gotten a chance to talk to her during the reunion.

    PS Daren always makes fun of me when I wear those khaki shorts due to the white legs....and that picture now just showed me the evidence of this. Never again.

  3. I used Pottywise. Ty was 100% day-trained in 3 days! Get her a big basket of potty treats & talk it up for a week. Good luck!

  4. i got your comment and wanted you to know i got his tiny toms on ebay for cheap! good luck..

  5. Happy irthday to Chris!!! And Lola is cute in the play date pic.


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