Monday, August 2, 2010

Burning Question Number 7

I am sure you have heard about THIS STORY.  The mom in France was pregnant 8 different times, carried the babies to term, delivered them herself and then smothered them and hid their bodies.  (If you haven't read the article, please follow the link)  She finally came forward and confessed... after the new homeowners found the 6 baby corpses in the garage of her father's home.  But now they are trying to decide on her punishment and whether 'According to Time, Cottrez may suffer from psychotic pregnancy denial, which they describe as a "quasi-schizophrenic condition in which women either don't realize or cannot accept that they are with child - not even enough to have an abortion." ' Which it sounds like could make her less likely to receive a full/real sentence.  Here is another article on this story.

I know post-partum depression is a real thing and there are other types of mental illness that can affect new mothers.  But how far should that explanation go?  Where is the line between illness, awareness, and evil?  Is it fair that mom's with post-partum or other mental illnesses get off easy or easier for killing their own children?  What do you think should happen to this woman in particular?

This could get heated.  Please be honest but respectful.  Let's keep this discussion going in the comments.  I will add more on my opinion after the initial opinions are voiced. 


  1. Oh my heavens, I have NEVER heard about this! Of course, I'm the first to give my opinion(yikes!) but I understand there is a depression factor in this. But 8 times?!?!? I'd even be more understanding with like 2 or 3. I think she should be punished...and punished HARD! Because even if she had a mental problem 8 times having that go through your head, I think even you'd catch on and admit you had a problem and seek help, no matter how much pride you had. Oh my, this makes me sick.

  2. I have never heard this story either. I have lots of initial thoughts about it and hopefully they make some sense.

    First off what she did was horrendous. My basic philosophy about life is that it's impossible for me to adaquately judge someone like this because I have no idea what they have lived through. Jc talks to people he arrests all the time about what lead them to doing what they did and usually it is sad but makes sense.

    I know mental illness is a very real thing, which makes me wonder: where was her family? Wouldn't they have asked questions? The bodies were at her dad's house for heaven sakes!

    Hmmm...I guess my point is I can't adaquately make a judgement call here, but the people in her life should have stepped in.

  3. I don't know enough to comment but do think about the same questions as you whenever I hear things like this.

  4. I haven't heard this story but it makes me so sick and sad. When crimes involve innocent children I tend to be ruthless and want them executed on the spot or put in a dark black hole. I think she's crazy cause who would do that but I don't think she should be given special treatment or a lighter sentence because of it. She did this 6 times. She knew after the first one she would do it so STOP GETTING PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! No excuse for getting pregnant over and over again. The fact that she came forward and admitted to it also makes me think she knew what she was doing was wrong. Throw the Book.

  5. This story is seriously disturbing. if this woman has post-partum then fine, but how many women suffer from this documented and undocumented and go on to raise happy healthy children? this woman is a sociopath! to kill one of her children much less 8?? absolutely insane- i hope they put her away for life!its less than what she deserves since she took 8 innocent ones!

  6. Oh hell. I haven't heard of this story until now. I don't get people. I know that post partum is a real disease but I still don't think that excuses murder. And 8 times? Seriously this lady needs to learn how to close her legs. If you don't want to get pregnant there are so many ways to avoid it. Obviously she doesn't want to be a mother. She should realize that after killing a couple babies at least right?! So take birth control! Use condoms! Or shut your damn legs. I hate it that there are so many people in the world that try and try to get pregnant and can't, and then these stupid girls that get pregnant and it's like the 'worst thing that could've happened' um...duh. What did you think was going to happen? I hope this woman gets punnished bad. I have a gun...give me the bullet.

  7. Um. Here's the deal. First off, WHERE are the FATHERS?!?! Wouldn't they be curious about there babies? Is it the same Jackass getting this woman pregnant over and over. Second I am a huge fan of executions and corporal punishment. Human rights my ass. These kind of people are a waste in society. I know mother earth would be glad to off a few people. She's tired of caring for stupid people and so are my taxes. I have guns and bullets. I know I have 8 bullets. An eye for an eye. Especially when it involves harming little kids. We need to "put to sleep" more violent murderers and criminals because 99% of the time they are repeat offenders. Why do we pay to take care of these people? Lets start permanently getting rid of them. I think that benefits everyone.

  8. Weird, never heard that story but how would her husband not realize she was pregnant???

    I've had my ups and downs being a mother, but never ever felt that I could hurt my baby! Like not in a million years! How someone can have so much hate and rage for something so innocent and small? I think there is a switch turned off inside people that kill their babies... but that they should receive full punishment.

    I think we need to advocate better for these small precious babies... if she killed and buried 8 adults she'd get a much greater punishment...


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