Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BOOKS, BOoks, books

Is anyone as excited as me and my friends are about this book that came out yesterday?!  Oh boy!  We are obsessed with the Hunger Games series.  I started it last night but didn't get very far because of my cute little tornado aka Lola.  We are reading it this month for our book club!

This last week we had our monthly book club meeting/girl's night at Meagan's adorable house!  She was a fabulous host and went all out!  I decided to bring my little sweetie because I had been so busy that week and hadn't had as much time with her as I would've liked so she came and ate off of everyone's plates, played with Coda's dog toys and entertained us all! 

See, doesn't that face scream entertaining?  Ok, maybe it says something different, like evil or sneaky?

Cheryl and Lola

 Yes we have 3 preggos in the group and are hoping for more.  We keep working on the other ladies, we are just sure that they will make adorable children.  We should probably stop telling them pregnancy horror stories though...

Amanda, Nichole and I
Thanks ladies, this is something I soo look forward to every month!


  1. Im so jealous! I want to read the hunger game series SOOO bad! I wish I was there for book club! You all look so cute! And I can not believe how big Lola has gotten! Love you all!

  2. I haven't started my book yet!! I'm so looking forward to it though! And I too look forward to book club every month! So fun!


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