Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Belly- Week 17

I haven't been good at posting belly pics because there hasn't been much happening.  In my first post with the 12 week belly, I mentioned that it had poked out fast... but then it stopped growing for the next 5 weeks.  It is just starting to pop out a little bit more, but if I wear loose clothes then it disappears.  This pregnancy has been quite different physically than the last.  I have been slower to gain weight and slower to grow a belly... can't complain about that.  I think it will catch up with me soon though.  I'm not THAT lucky!  I hope you guys don't hate these, but this is a good way to journal things on my end. :)
Look, I'm not in the bathroom at work, I'm still at work but I recruited my friend as a photographer, Hooray!


  1. Yay cute little belly bump!!

  2. You are one HOTT mama! Lookin good Dari, ok so I went to Big O the other day and chatted with your cute lil bro Rhett... he's a hunk- we need to find him a woman!!! CONGRATS mama of 2

  3. Dari you look so cute...Cute belly and cute hair:)

  4. I agree. You look good and I really like your hair!


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