Thursday, July 8, 2010

Elephant, Elephant

We had a great holiday weekend.  Friday we went swimming as a family and stopped by Maverik on the way home for treats, then that night Lola went with Granny and PawPaw and Chris and I went to the ReAL SL Soccer game and they had fireworks after so that was a lot of fun!  Plus we dominated 5-0!!!

Saturday I took Lola to the parade while Chris watched the World Cup game, he didn't feel very well.  Later we went to lunch with Chris's parents and then went to the zoo!!  It was Lola's first time and she was psyched.  We had been quizzing her on her animal names and the noises they make.  Her favorites are the elephants and the monkeys.  She sings a song from Barney that says, "Elephant, elephant", then she waves her arm like a trunk.  She will also make monkey noises and put her hand her arm pit like a monkey.  So she was VERY excited to see them in real life!  We were in the monkey house thing and she went running over to the glass and yelled, "MONKEY" at the top of her lungs and people looked to see what was going on and it was just her being excited. ha ha We laughed so hard!  She wanted to get in the pen with the baby elephant too.  She loves animals, it is adorable.  So here are some pics of our awesome zoo day!!!  Oh and later that night we watched the Clearfield fireworks, they were great!

Looking at the monkeys with Granny and PawPaw

{Lola eating a cookie at the fireworks, with frosting on her nose.}

Monday my family watched Lola and Chris and I worked so after work I headed down to Payson so I could eat the yummy left-overs from the Braithwaite family BBQ that I missed.  I was understandably upset that I had to miss seeing my fun family, the homemade ice cream and rootbeer and all the fun that happens at the annual 4th BBQ.  But I made my mom promise me that she would bring me some rootbeer and ice cream and it was delicious!  That night my brothers put on a pretty rockin fireworks show and Lola didn't love it after the first few.  She kept saying, "all gone", "move guys" after my brothers would light the fireworks, and "inside".  So we had miss the finale.  She is a goober.

We had a lot of fun this weekend despite having to work.  I love the 4th of July, it is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the BBQ's and fun summer things that happen and the togetherness and pride for our country that everyone has.  We truly are such a blessed country, even though times are tough, it could be so much worse.  I am so grateful for my freedom and for the people that have fought and continue to fight to protect that freedom.  God Bless America!!!


  1. Yay for holidays and family time! Looks like you guys had a great one. And congrats and the new one a brewin that's so awesome!

  2. I want a baby elephant. So cute. I love the 4th to. I almost love it more than Christmas and Thanksgiving.

  3. Lola and I have the same shoes LOL

  4. I love reading about Lou! She is so dang cute and getting so big.


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