Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bowled Over

We took Lola to Sparetime last night to go on her first bowling adventure.  Man was that a good idea, she LOVED it!  She was running back and forth from the ramp she pushed the ball down and the ball return and she would pick up her 6lb ball and send it down the lane then run back and grab a 10 lb ball and go running off with it.  She is strong! We had to watch her close so she didn't drop the ball on her foot... or into the other lanes gutter.... oh wait, she did that.  OOPS, it was a little embarrassing.  I am telling you, she is a quick one.  Granny and Pawpaw came and helped contain Lola while Chris and I took our turns.  What a fun night!!

Chris bowling, look at the ball return, can you see that colorful ball?  That is Chris's personal bowling ball, we took it with us to the bowling alley.  I know, who owns their own ball?  It's the ball that I have so lovingly dubbed "The Gay Pride Parade Ball".  It is rainbow colored if you can tell in the bad lighting.

Ok Chris named me "Fart" on the screen, thanks honey how endearing.  Also I am so terrible that Lola beat me.  I am what I would call a "Luck Player", there is no skill involved.  I either do really good or really bad, hence the strike, spare, and then 2 zeros for the next 2 turns.  HA HA

Granny and Pawpaw, she sure loves them!

She liked the arcade too and a nice man in there gave Lola 828 tickets that he had earned so she got a blow up chair and a bunch of candy! 

I think we will start bowling more often.  It was a hit!


  1. I love the pic of Lola and Chris from behind just looking down the lane. So freakin cute.

    I love bowling and Mike hates it. So sad:(


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