Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catch Up

This last week has been busy and great!! Here are some of the highlights:
  • Lola and I got healthy again.
  • I went to Midway/Park City with my high school friends. A few of them couldn't make it because of being out of town or other vacations. But we had a great time!!! We got pedicures (of course), ate out, went to the outlets, ate at Baja Cantina... I realized my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach. I need to learn this so I don't waste so much food!!! Just because I am starving doesn't mean I can eat like a fat girl, I digress. Thanks for the fun weekend Ashley, Leslie, Molly, and Tina. {we took maybe 5 pics... so if I get any, I will post them}
  • My friend Kelly had a beautiful baby girl. She lives on the East Coast so I haven't met baby Ruth, but look forward to it someday!
  • I spent some time at my parents since I had them watch Lola while I was on vacation. I decided Chris needed a staycation as well and volunteered my parents to get their Lola fix :)
  • I went and saw Eclipse last night with my friend Leslie and her friends from work and such. We went to the pre-screening at 7:30pm at the Gateway. {no midnight crap for me when I had to come to work at 7 am this morning} Businesses bought out theaters and sold tickets themselves so Leslie hooked us up. I won a t-shirt in the raffle too!! {I will post pics when I get them from Les}
  • I had my 12 week appt and all is well! I didn't get in trouble for gaining weight, since I didn't gain any because I was sick. {that was a fluke, I will probably gain extra next month ha ha} The baby is measuring a week big, which is nothing new for me. At my next appt in a few weeks we get to find out the sex!!! SO EXCITING!

Baby at 11 weeks 5 days

Ok the rumors are true, you start showing faster with the second. Here I am at work {again} in the t-shirt I won last night at Eclipse at 12 weeks along.

Let me know if you have any ideas for burning questions... we need to start going on those again!!


  1. I'm so sad I'm missing out on the Park City sleepovers:( I miss you guys heaps. It was so nice to have everyone at the baby shower but its not the same as spending a whole evening together gabbing and laughing. Plus I was in hostess mode cause I get nervous at get together's in my honor. I can't wait to see what your having!!! I love that so many of my gal pals are pregers at the same time. You, Molly, Ashley, Heather Keele. So fun!!!!!

  2. That shirt you won is so cute! Yay for the return of the bathroom belly pictures! Can't wait to find out boy or girl!

  3. Hooray and congrats Dari!!! Excited for you doll, and sorry I missed out on the trip.

  4. Love your baby bump! Can't wait to hear... my guess is a girl...

    Glad you're feeling better. That place is one of my fav to eat at.

  5. HOLY SHMOLY! I didn't know you were prego again! That's so awesome! Congrats!

  6. You look super cute! Your baby bump is adorable! I go next week for my appt, this is so fun!


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