Monday, May 3, 2010

What's In A Name?

I have had some nice comments lately about the name Daris Day. People like the name and frequently ask where it came from.
I have always had a love for Doris Day and her cutie pie movies and music. I asked for a box set on VHS when I was younger. I have it and still love it!! {Thank heavens we have a DVD/VCR combo still or I would be a sad girl}. Well a few years back, my cute friend Natalie{and I think Jeanette had something to do with it too} started calling me Daris Day. Cutest nickname EVER and it stuck!! I think it is unique and so ME! My little sis calls me Doris and gave me a bracelet that says "Doris" on it. I wear it everyday :)

That is where it came from!! People sometimes think it is supposed to be Dari's Day but NO, it is pronounced "dah-ris day". Here are some of my favorite songs from the movie "Pillow Talk". Some of my other favorite Doris Day movies are, "Lover Come Back", "Send Me No Flowers", and "The Thrill of it All". I wish I could be Doris Day sometimes.... A girl can dream right?

"Roly Poly"

"Possess Me" {this one has a snipit of the movie on it too}

Do you guys like Doris Day?


  1. I appreciate this post because I always assumed it had to do with Doris Day, no I never knew what it was just recognized the name, but then I thought maybe it is Dari's Day. Very informative!

  2. I looooove your name. And I love Doris too. When I was 13, I loved her in Calamity Jane(random movie for her but I loved it). I want to watch her other movies too now.

  3. Daris Day really is the cutest nickname ever! Natalie is a good lil nick namer! And seriously, it's the perfect name for your Etsy Shoppe. How fabulous!

  4. I think that is the cutest name for your shoppe too! I as well love Doris Day and have quite a few of her movies.....I love "pillow talk" "send me no flowers" and "by the light of the silvery moon/moonlight bay" Those are the favs.
    I totally knew where you were going with your name, but I thought it was dari's day:)LOVE IT!

  5. Pillow Talk is definitely one of the best!!

  6. there is a special place in my heart for Doris too! she was such a classic beauty and so much fun and light hearted too! its too bad hollywood has become the machine it is today...i miss the Doris Day's, Sandra Dee's and Katherine Hepburn's. the Rock Hudson's, Clark Gables and my personal favorite Cary Grant's. i think my favorite Doris Movie is That Touch of Mink...

  7. Hi Daril,
    Loved your comments about Doris Day and also share your love for her.
    I had been a fan since age 10, and years later realized my dream - I met Doris, moved to LA, and became her private secretary and worked for her while she was filming her TV show at CBS, and eventually lived with her for nearly 2 years - Doris is an awesome lady.

    I just wanted to tell you about a wonderful internet radio station that LOVES DORIS DAY - it is:

    They play at least 4 of her songs an hour and on Sunday at 3pm (EST) Mike DeVIta has a 2 hour DORIS DAY & FRIENDS show where he plays her music and has incredible commentary on her music and movies...he has known her for 50+ years and really knows all about Doris and shares this with his audience. It is repeated on Wednesdays at 3pm, 8pm and midnight (EST).

    Thank God for Doris Day - she has been such an inspiration to me and many others over the years. Keep up your good work and thanks for posting about Doris for more people to see.

    Mary Anne Barothy


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