Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book Club

I have yet to blog about one of my favorite things.... BOOK CLUB!!! We meet once a month and discuss the book that was chosen by the last month's host, we eat, we chat and have a fabulous girl's night!!! These ladies are like sisters, they are fun and so much like me. We all let loose, have a great time and talk about the books have read. Here are some pics from book clubs over the last few months.

Amanda, Meagan and Whit with the Hunger Games. We are pretty much OBSESSED with this series!!! We can't wait for the last book, "Mocking Jay" to come out in August!!!

Lola was lucky enough to come this month. This is her "cheese" face, HA

Brit, Jeanette, Kim and baby Sienna

Amanda and Whit.... reading of course!

Cheryl is also a great reader!

All of us at March's book club. Jaxon, Amanda's baby got to come this month!

Amanda and I, and our cute glasses.

I was seriously slacking on reading until we started this book club and now I love reading again and having a goal date to get the book read by. We have been reading a lot of young adult literature and enjoy it! If you love reading like we do, consider starting a book club. It is an awesome way to keep your brain engaged and a great excuse for a girl's night!


  1. Book club made me addicted to reading again, I too, was totally lacking in the reading department, and reading has always been one of my favorite things to do, so this has been just fabulous!!

  2. I am so jealous - how do you have time to do all the things you do?!? Seriously, I would love some tips & advice on how you manage your time/life because you seem to be able to fit so many great things in!!

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  4. I have heard great things about "The Hunger Games"!


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