Sunday, April 4, 2010


That's right, while the guys were at Priesthood session, we went out for girl's night out!! It is always so much fun!!! Lola, my mom, sis, and I went to eat at PF Chang's, went to Alice Lane for the Girl's Night Sale and last but not least went to.... get Lola's ears pierced!!! Chris had been wanting to get them pierced for a while but I had been holding off since it would make her look even more like a big girl. Here is the photo documentation of the night.

At PF Chang's with her food face

Getting ready for the big moment!

Getting her ears marked

This pic breaks my heart, look at her sweet face, she's having such a great time with no idea what lies ahead...
We decided not to photograph the hysteria that ensued after the piercing. Luckily it only last a minute or two, then she was doing great! Mammah even bought her a mask for being so brave! This is what happens when she says "CHEESE"! {Messy face again, she deserved that sucker she ate.}
The beautiful Princess with her new earrings!


  1. She looks adorable with earing's!! And I laughed super hard at the pic of you holding her forehead. She's got this look on her face that just says she has no idea whats going on.

  2. Oh!! She is so precious! I can't wait to see her cute lil earring adorned ears in real life! What a brave girl!


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