Thursday, March 25, 2010

s p r i n g h a s s p r u n g ! !

Here are some images that just made me happy today and made me think of all the fun things that remind me of Spring.

a spring shower

sewing and crafting a plenty... I have a lot of ideas!

who am I kidding, cupcakes are great for EVERY season!

playing and relaxing in the sun... and lots of good concerts start popping up

riding bikes, Lola will be able to enjoy her bike trailer this year!

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What are your favourite Spring "things"?


  1. I've been starving all day and that cupcake picture did my stomach no favors!

    I love when I drive down the street and see green trees and green grass...I love it!

  2. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and I think I love almost more than anything walking barefoot on the warm cement. I also really love that the tulips come up and look so beautiful! Ahh..... Spring!

  3. Tulips. I love tulips, cool weather with warm sunshine, flip flops, bright colors, BBQ's, green grass, and just being outside.

  4. These just made me SUPER happy as well. I love the changing of seasons!

  5. I am excited for bike riding too. We got super cute old-school cruisers at the end of last season and didn't get to use them a ton.


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