Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lola's Week of Adventures

I have some cute pics from this last week and thought I would share.
Lou brushing her teeth, too bad she rarely let's me help so it gets done right.
Baby bums are the cutest, especially in sweet baby jeans!
Lately she has been such a crazy eater. Sometimes she will eat a lot and other times almost nothing. This was a nothing night, so I took her to the pantry and let her pick something herself and she picked Oreo Cakesters... Not a very nutritional dinner option but I was just happy that she ate something.

This week we got to hang out with Amanda and Jaxon twice, it was awesome! These pictures are from Friday. They came after Jax's 4 month check -up. We went and ate yummy Chinese food, went for cupcakes at Cutsie Cakes, here in Layton, and came back to the house to hang out. Lola absolutely LOVES Jaxon and kept kissing and hugging him. Too cute!

We are happy to have such fun friends and love having them closer than all my other friends that live in Utah County, but sadly (for us, not them) they are moving to Orem in the next couple weeks or so. But Amanda promised to come and spend Tuesdays with us when they can and hopefully some other days in between :)


  1. Ah! It was wonderful to see you guys twice this week! I love how cute Lola is with Jaxon. And I love you. I'm excited for all of our future Tuesday play dates!

  2. i love her bright yellow shoes. she is so sweet!

  3. I love Lola... she has got some serious style, just like her mama!

    Amanda looks great, I can't believe Jaxon is 4 months old already!


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