Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Photos and Lola's 18 Month Pics

My sweet and talented aunt Heather took some pics for us a couple weekends ago and I wanted to share. Sorry there are so many.... it was hard to pick!

Peek A Boo!
Getting sick of pictures
Her notorious look from the corner of her eye...

She was sad so I tried her to cheer her up for more photos


  1. Oh!!! These are just the CUTEST!!! You guys are such a darling family, I just love ya. Not to mention, your outfit is adorable, and Lola's outfits are sooooo cute!!!!! I love 'em!

  2. Love the new pictures Dari! I can't get enough of Lola's green shoes!

  3. SO cute! Lola has got the cutest facial expressions and those blocks! SO fun!

  4. I love, love, love these pictures!! The first one with her arms, like she's saying 'What?'(I don't know how else to describe it...) is by far my favorite! I just wanna give all her cute little rolls a squeeze!

  5. I would also like her little green shoes in my size please.

  6. Dari! These pictures are the best! What a darling little family. I love you guys.


  7. These are sooooo cute! I love the pics. And that litte Lola is about the cutest Ever!!! Dang, why do our babies have to grow so quick:(.


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