Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Tradition Passed On

When I was small I remember my aunt Julee reading me the Maurice Sendak, Nutshell Library Books. I LOVED them and I would always ask her read them to me.... "eating chicken soup with rice", I would say along as she read to me.

When I was pregnant with Lola, I knew that was something I wanted to share with her as well. I purchased the little book set and placed it lovingly in her closet to wait until I could read them to her.
Well, I pulled them out last night and got through half a book when she jumped off the bed and started playing... I kept reading, then she wanted to hold one, so I took the paper cover off and handed it to her, she was loving it until she ripped a page... I ran over and grabbed it from her grubby but cute little paws and luckily it was only a blank page in the back of the book. Needless to say, it was too early to pull these little gems out. I put them back on the closet shelf to wait until she is older and understands how to NOT rip the pages out. :)

I love her bed head in this picture and how I asked her to say "hi" and she went, "ROAR!". She is such a character!


  1. I think we've talked about this before, maybe not also, I didn't ever have the books but we had a tape of Pierre and Chicken Soup With Rice. It was like a singalong. Seriously, you should look into those, that seems right up your alley. Love them!

  2. I remember doing that with Aunt Julee too! I purchased the set of books as well. Maybe I'll get to use them one day. :)

  3. Her bed head looks better than when I spend a half hour doing my hair. Unfair and bad form.

  4. cuuuuute! I love old books like that that have meaning and bring back good memories! :)


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