Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weekend of Thanks

This weekend was seriously awesome!! I love my family so much!! We were able to go eat the big dinner with my family this year. We went to G &G Braithwaite and it was fun to chat with the family and play with the cousins. Brielle, Kien{sp?}, and Blye played with Lola for hours. They are the cutest kids and I am so sad that I didn't get a pic of them with her. Blye even wrote Lola a note that said "Lola, You are cute and cool. I love you. Love, Blye". Even though these kids are actually my cousin's and Lola's 2nd, it seems like they are her 1st too. Its confusing, my mom's family is huge. My aunts are still in their younger child-birthing years... yay for big sisters {pretty much}.
Lola kept climbing up and sitting on this ledge and she would pop her binky out, get off and pick it up and jump back on the ledge. Silly lady.

The next day we went to the University mall with my aunt Cheralyn and her family to see Santa come to the mall in "Chopper 5", we kept referring to "Chopper 5", we thought it was so funny for some reason. You can see Chase sitting on his dad's shoulders in this pic.

Lola kept pointing at the copter and getting excited but Nic had some issues with my phone's camera so she is pointing down in this one ha

Lola did not want Auntie Nic to hold her in this one, ha ha

Us with "CHOPPER 5"

While Nic and I were shopping in Forever 21, which takes forever because you get so overwhelmed... my mom took Lola and got her pics with SANTA. You can tell she was highly amused, yes I am being facetious.

Later that night I went and saw "Minus the Bear" and "As Tall As Lions", the show was phenomenal in my humble opinion. Our friends Jeff and Josh joined Chris and I and Josh's friend Jillian came as well. Afterward we went and chowed at Coachman's. I love that place!!

We stayed at my parents Saturday as well and watched the "Holy War" game... GO BYU!!!! I like both teams but I root for BYU when they play each other. Needless to say we were happy about the outcome! Especially my dad and bro's who are season ticket holders.
In other news:
Chris bought Lola this cute {and cheesy} advent calendar, so last night she got to eat a piece of chocolate!! She wanted to open more doors after she saw her prized treat.
I have been working on some headbands and bought the cutest Christmas material. So watch for a store update by the end of the week!! Here is the "Pinwheel Headband" in black satin. Too Cute!



  1. Oh my gosh, I love that picture of you & Lola and your mom in the guys are so sexy! Just wait until Lola's a teenager and guys will be dying to hit on all 3 of you!!

  2. Lola is such a big girl, I love that picture of her and Jolly Ol' Saint Nick....I love that she seems thrilled to be there. At least she's not crying like usual children do...? Where did you get that advant calendar? I was talking about one yesterday and didn't know where you could get one.

    And yes, you will see me this Christmas...unless you won't be down that way on Christmas eve ;)

  3. PS: I want to hear your thoughts after everyone's hygiene comments!

  4. I had so much fun with you over the Thanksgiving break. Let's recap... She Woof, being a spy (stocking a blog), having a sleep-over, eating yummy food, shopping, just hanging out and laughing! I love it when we get to play together!! Oh I think it's funny/sad that Lou is not crying in the pic with Santa, but she's crying in the pic where I'm holding her. She was not loving me this weekend. Especially when mom gave me one of her animal crackers. Oh well I still LOVE her!


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