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My opinion to this week's question

I have had quite a few responses to this week's "Burning Question". THANK YOU! Please share if you have any questions that you would like to get opinions on. If you have any more thoughts on this or if this is your first time hearing about this week's question, please share!

My opinion started out one way and has changed a bit through my personal journey with having Lola. At first I would've been the first to say that elective C-sections are selfish and that doctors push them on people to keep a more "set schedule" {which some Dr's may do...}

I was planning on having Lola vaginally and with an epideral. I am not brave enough to do it natural. But I thought, if this one goes well and I know more about what is going on during birth, through experience, I may try it natural with the next one. Well things changed toward the end of my pregnancy. Lola was breech ever since half way through the pregnancy {or sooner, but she was probably so small that she switched to and fro earlier} We kept looking each new appt and every time she was still breech. When I got to be about 36 or 37 weeks along, the Dr. said if she is not turned at your next weekly appt, I am going to have you go to the hospital and get her turned, otherwise we will have to do a C-section to get her out safely.... I had researched turning and knew that some chiropractors were certified in turning methods and considered going to one in Ogden. I looked up "ways to get your baby to turn" on the internet and tried some of the ideas but she was where she wanted to be- with her head poking out right underneath the bottom of my ribs on the right side. Each week the Dr. would say let's see if she turned but I knew she hadn't because I could feel her head in the same spot.

So I went back the next week to the "turn or not to turn" appointment and she was still beech. I had a conversation with my doc where he told me he would recommend not turning the baby and having a C-section. He had brought it up before and I thought, "No, I don't want to have a C-section that was not 'my plan'" but over the last couple of weeks I thought, what if we try to turn her and it doesn't work or it forces me into labor early or worse... I spoke with my mom and many other people about the situation and I was surprised at how everyone's opinions toward C-sections were generally negative. I almost felt like some people would judge me if I ended up having a C-section. This is where my opinion started to change... the Dr. continued, telling me that turning a baby, when it is your first birth, generally doesn't work or they turn back, that she is really big and that could factor into her not turning or why she was in that position in the first place, and last he said she may be in that way for a reason. He said he now is recommending a C-section.

I decided to trust my Dr. and go for a C-section. I trusted him and knew that he would tell me what he honestly thought was best for Lola and I. {Side note- I hadn't dilated at all by the time I was 38+ weeks because she was breech so it looked like a vaginal delivery was not even on its way.} Fast forward to the day she was born- I had her 8 days early. I was laying on the table in the surgical room and out came Lola and the Dr. said "I am glad we decided on a C-section, the cord is wrapped around her a few times". It may have been divine intervention in my case, I am not sure. But I am very glad that I decided to trust my Dr. I have changed my opinion on C-sections and I am glad that option was available for Lola's safety and my own.

How I feel now is, birth is a very special and personal thing. I think if you are healthy and able to have a natural or vaginal birth, that is a great option and something I am fairly jealous that I didn't have. But if you choose to have a C-section, that is your choice as well. I am not going to lie, I still feel like it is a little selfish, basically because it is "benefiting" the mother but there are no apparent benefits for the baby, if the baby is healthy and strong and a C-section is not necessary. {see what I am saying?} But in no way would I judge someone for doing that, I am sure the fear of having a baby pop out your hoo hah is enough to scare some people to death and if having a major surgery is less scary, more power to you! If you choose to have a baby natural, good for you. But please don't judge others for using drugs, that is what makes them feel comfortable and is in their birth plan. One thing that bothers me are self righteous mom's. We all do what's best for our children and don't need another mother trying to tell us what to do.

What will I do for the next baby?
My recovery from my C-section was A PIECE OF CAKE!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how great it was. I heard horror stories from both kind of births, donuts and throbbing vags and not being able to walk and seepage from the other. But luckily I had none of the "horror story" symptoms and I was up and at 'em earlier than a lot of vaginal recoveries and had no restrictions past 4 weeks after birth. That is not how it is for everyone. Right now I am planning on having a C-section with the next baby. Simply because I am seriously worried about a uterus laceration {is that right?} I don't want my uterus to bust open before it is time to have the baby. But who knows, if my next pregnancy is smooth sailing and my Dr. says a VBAC is ok, I will seriously consider it. I would love to experience natural childbirth. But I will be scared simply because my last experience was very easy.

That was a lot longer than I expected and I hope I didn't offend anyone or bore you to death.... Thanks for listening and know that however you choose to do it is great with me!!!


  1. I totally agree that you have to do what's right for you. I'm glad that your c-section was great...mine wasn't. Whatever keeps the mom and baby healthy & happy is the way to go.

  2. i'm with ya, dude. it's such a personal decision.

    same thing happened to me. i was given an option the second time around, but i felt uneasy about. and then livy came out with the cord wrapped around her neck several times. it was a blessing we decided to do the c-section.

    ps: the second time around was cake. i hope it is for you too. (:

  3. Uterine rupture is the medical term but uterus laceration describes what happens. It is something some hospitals are warning against but its so rare. It occurs in less than 1% of women attempting a VBAC. All I'm saying is don't let that miniscule risk prohibit you from doing what you want to do. I want to reassure you. Talk to your doctor when you get pregnant next. Because Lola was breech you are a good candidate for a VBAC, however; because she was big you may be advised to have another c-section. Make your concerns known to your doctor and he or she will work out a birth plan to fit your needs.

    Its interesting how your opinion changes once something unplanned happens. I didn't want to consider a c-section until I had labored so long. It became a welcomed blessing.

  4. YAY! I love hearing people's opinions about serious topics and I think yours is great. Keep the topics are awesome!

  5. Just found your blog through Jess Ekstrom. Birth decisions and parenting are made with our best knowledge. Often our experiences change our perspective. My first labor was 27 hrs, don't think it was any better than surgery. I was scared to have another baby. 2nd labor was 3 1/2 hrs. Go forward with faith: our experiences are for our benefit. Thanks for the great post.


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