Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Music Monday- Sufjan Stevens

Since it is almost Christmas I thought I should highlight a couple Christmas songs. Sufjan is awesome, he can sing about weird, depressing, and morbid things and make them sound lovely. For example, the 2 songs below. I love the mood and emotion that he brings with his songs. It is beautiful and sad all at once. Don't get depressed... here is my Christmas pick for this week:

"That Was The Worst Christmas Ever"

For a few years, he made a Christmas album each year for the "Songs For Christmas" collection. Check them out HERE. They are "real" carols and Christmas songs, done in Sufjan's style.

Here is a bonus song for you, non-Christmas.

"John Wayne Gacy Jr."- "Illinois"

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  1. I definitely have to be in the right mood for Sufjan. I love both of these songs. "Worst Christmas Ever" is one of my favorites of his.


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