Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Music Monday- The Knife

I am soo sorry. Work has been ridic lately and I am now in the Primary Presidency for my church so a lot of my free time is spent doing that. But here you are with a belated music post.

My old Ipod has died and my laptop with all my older tunes is missing a cord. It fried almost a year ago and I am so cheap that I haven't bought the $90 cord yet ha ha As I was contemplating what band to go with today The Knife came to mind. They are so fun and different! The band consists of siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer. I love the electronica genre so much and these guys were one of the first bands that I heard with that style. They are on hiatus right now but here is an oldie but goodie.

"We Share Our Mother's Health" from "Silent Shout".

Ok you are lucky, today you get 2!!!

Here is "Heartbeats", from "Deep Cuts".


  1. I forgot about The Knife! Thanks for reminding me! I love having it on my workout mix! Don't worry, I'm cheap too, our power cord for our only laptop got screwy about 9 months ago and we jimmy rigged a clamp to hold it in place up until about two weeks ago when I caved and bought a refurbished one on Amazon for $20!

  2. Primary! Ack! I had no idea, but did miss you blogging!

  3. Oh, Heartbeats. It makes me so happy. I could never get sick of that song.


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