Monday, September 14, 2009

Music Monday.... is back!

This band I just discovered over the weekend while listening to my favorite XM/Sirius station. For those of you that have Dish Network it is channel 6026. It is XMU- Indie, underground, College rock. It is GOOD stuff!! Especially when they have "blog radio", which is where they play all the newest and greatest indie music that all the "hip" music peeps are blogging about... whoever they are. I can always find some great new stuff!

Today's musical gem is "WASHED OUT"-"Feel It All Around". From the album "Life of Leisure". This whole album just melts my heart. It makes me feel so relaxed and I get so giddy every time I hear it. {Do those emotions contradict one another?? Not sure, but it feels so good!} I am not sure when this album came out but he has a new album coming out this week {?} according to his myspace... It is entitled, "High Times".


  1. Ooooh. Love it. So relaxing and happy. Good find!!

  2. Hey Dari! totally unrelated topic, but I have yet another custom order for you... would it be possible to text you a picture? if thats cool, I need your phone number... hahaha thanks!

  3. your love for music is catching. Thanks for sharing.


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