Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I die....

...Over THIS. Crewcuts by J. Crew. I keep looking through all the adorable clothes!!! It is going to be sad someday when I look like a scrub because I have spent all of our disposable income buying every single piece of clothing on this website for Lola!!

Thank goodness she is a little bit too small to shop here yet. But don't worry, I am filling up my shopping cart for the future.

To see the cutest outfit ever CLICK HERE.

I am so glad that these stylish little clothes are available. When we were going through all the beautiful hand-me-down's for Lola, from my stylish aunt Heather, she told us about the magical time when Banana Republic sold baby clothes for a short jaunt. {she had some of them to prove it ;) Too bad Lola was already too big for them } I am lucky they don't sell them anymore.


  1. I have a sewing pattern for a coat just like the pink one:) so cute.

  2. OH MY GOSH!! Can you please work some extra hours so Lily can get some hot outfits too!!?! Ha ha, these are adorable! Here I go, dreaming and wishing that I was a big, fat rich bitch...


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