Wednesday, August 19, 2009

little notes:

These are things that are on my mind...

  • Where do I get a cute cupcake tower or the cute glass stack able ones? Any suggestions? Lola's 1st Birthday is soon approaching and all things cupcake are needed!

Lola getting into the picture books, getting to know Uncle Rhett

  • I painted Lola's toenails for the first time the other night. I don't know why I hadn't done it sooner. Thanks for the idea and for helping Amanda!!

  • Ordering the perfect cupcakes for the upcoming birthday festivities: what kind, where to buy, what colors to use, etc.

  • Lola and her little attitude. Chris calls her the diva. He says she is more "stressful" lately. If this is stressful, I'll take more of it... although the horrible looks we get when she screams at the top of her lungs in public, I could do without. She screams when she is- happy, mad, impatient, sad... ok over just about everything. Where do they learn this crap?
    grabbing the camera

  • This sleeping face cracked me up in the car the other day, she looks disgusted

  • Headbands... I really want to narrow things down to the few choice things that everyone loves. I have a new style of flower that I am playing with now, what do you guys think? {more colors and variations coming soon!} What are your favorite kinds of headbands??


  1. Lola screaming is delightful! Doing it in public I might feel differently but I think she's great all the way around. There is a great store up here that has kitchen things(cupcake tower) but I doubt you wanna make that drive. But if so let me know! Does Rhett come home soon? Wouldn't it be in January or sometime around then?

  2. I love the new headband! I think you were wearing it when I saw you in Payson. Love it! That picture of Lola sleeping in the car seat is hilarious!!

  3. Check out this tower. you could cover it with something more fun for Lola's b-day.

    PS love the headband and your hair! So cute!

  4. Roberts craft usually sells the cupcake towers! I love the new flower style! I don't know if I could really choose a favorite from your stash, but these new ones come close!

  5. My absolute favorite place for cake stuff is Gygis in Salt Lake on 300 W and 3500 So! They are dedicated to kitchen stuff and when I have done wedding cakes, I have gotten my supplies there. They have really cute cupcake stuff right now too.

  6. Lola does the "penis face" while she's sleeping. Haha. I love the new headband you know that I want one. YAY!!

  7. I,too, love the new style of flower. It looks great with your hair done like that. I've seen cupcake towers @ craft stores, even Wal-mart. Good luck planning the b-day!

  8. I'm with the gygi's comment! That is my favorite baking store. Also consider doing your own cupcakes cause you can buy everything you need down there! Loving your new headband, and loving how cute you look!

  9. #1: You look SO hot in those pictures!!
    #2: Lola is adorable...has anyone ever told you that before?
    #3: I LOVE the new flowers!! How the heck did you make those?!

  10. I love that head band! I don't wear them cause it gives me head aches but I think I would wear that one anyways.

  11. Nothing Bundt Cakes on 106 and State has THE Cutest birthday stuff ever. Cake stands, cool candles and of course, delicious bundt cakes. For cupcakes, I love the Sweetooth Fairy in Provo...the most tasty cupcakes around and I've tried a lot. Just a few suggesetions. I peek at your blog from time to time. You're so crafty! I'm digging the new headband too!


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