Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am still alive

Things that happened in the last week:
  • I had a great birthday!! Camping in Fairview with my family. Chris's parents let us borrow their camper and truck so we didn't crowd my family in theirs. MANY THANKS TO THEM!!

Lola watching Elmo in the trailer. She was very into it!

  • Had a girls night/ b day dinner with mom, Nic, and Lola. The night consisted of Happy Sumo, Anthro {YAY} and carmel apples.

Sporting Nic's new glasses at Happy Sumo, she loves glasses!

  • A fun night with The Halford's. We went on a family double date to a new BBQ joint in Layton, it was some yummy food! Then movies and headbands afterwards.
  • Made a few more headbands.
  • Ordered some fun 1st Birthday supplies!!!

Lola standing. She can only do it for a few seconds but she is getting there. We have to stand her up, she can't pull herself up quite yet.

  • FINALLY received the high chair I won HERE. I put it together all by myself and Lola LOVES it!!

She wouldn't hold still, hence the blurriness :)

  • I went to a birthday dinner with some of my BFFers {Jeanetters, Brit, Kim, and Nat} at Thaifoon at the Gateway and did a little shopping at Urban this time. For Chris, not me {his B day is on Monday!!}
  • Went shopping at American Apparel for the 1st time... I know, where have I been?? {apparently not at Trolley Square} I am in love, especially with their hoodies!
  • I think that is it... I may have to update again. But thanks to all of you for your Birthday texts and facebooks and blog comments and calls. I felt extremely loved and you are all so sweet to me!! Thanks and I love you all!!!


  1. Wow it's almost your little princess' big day! The year has seemed to have flown by to me, I can only imagine how fast it has gone for you! Don't worry..I've never even heard of American Apparel! I'll have to check it out! I need some good Salt Lake County shopping time!

  2. Dang, I meant to take a picture of all us girls last night! I am sad I forgot!! Happy I got to see you! See you again on Saturday. Yay!:)

  3. Does Lola's hair have a little curl to it now? She's a doll!

  4. Dari! Happy late birthday!! Sounds like it was one to remember! :) Except there is not one pic of your cute face! You're little one is growing up so fast... i can't believe she's 11 months. She's a cutie! :)


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