Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Work has slowed my blogging flow...

Work is watching my department a little closer lately, so my boss has asked us to limit our internet use.  Man, has that hurt my little blogging routine.  It is hard to find time to blog whilst home... Hopefully I can get in a groove so I can keep my regular posts going :)

This last weekend was so much fun!  We went down to my parents for the weekend, my friend Ali was in town so I hung out with her and Rachel a bunch too!  It was a lot of fun.  I also had another headband party, my aunt invited me come and sell at her Arbonne party.  Thanks Cheralyn!

Here is a photo wrap up of the weekend

Lola and mamah on the 24th

Lola didn't love the Otter Pop, she wanted the ice cream bar back.

Zoe, Lou and Ava at the parade {Lola is reaching for some mini m&m's, she loved shaking the container}

All of the ladies at the parade!

Ali, Rach and I

These girls are a riot!  I always laugh so hard when I am with them and since Ali lives in Florida we really have to get all the girl talk in while she is here.  Of course we ate at PF Chang's {like usual} and did some shopping.  Thanks for a fun weekend, you beautiful ladies!

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  1. Such cute pictures!!! I love the one of Lola eating the otter pop, she's dang stinkin cute. And you and Ali and Rachel are hot, as usual.


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