Thursday, July 16, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4 things to talk about

  • Chris's softball team or Team Green as we so lovingly refer to them {since they don't have a real name} WON 1st place in their Kaysville league for the 2nd YEAR IN A ROW!! Congrats guys!! After playing the #1 team 3 times in one night they came out victorious. The last 2 games they literally STOMPED on the other team. {I may have yelled some profanities at a jerk that couldn't shut his mouth on the other team.. oops}

  • Lola and I decided to go for a dip on my day off on Tuesday. She sure likes the water and is so much fun to play with at the pool. The moms always ask how old she is and almost pass out when they hear that she is only 10 months old ha ha They always reply, "She is so tall". Yes, yes, nice lady, she is.

      As you can tell she is really good at not smiling in pictures and making weird faces in some of them...

      We went with my fam, minus Nicole {Lake Powell} and Rhett {his mish in Mehico, notice the Mexican phonetic spelling} to see the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple and to din din at Iggy's. It was a lot of fun and Lola kept things lively. She did the best sour face/shiver when she ate a lemon at the restaurant HA HA

  • TV SHOWS: We finished watching the LOST DVD's are you kidding me??? Now we have to wait until WHHHEN? We are excited to be caught up though. THE BACHELORETTE what do you guys think about Ed's whole situation? Embarrassing much... I would say so. I love Ed and Kiptyn but am not sure either of them is a fabulous companion for her. TORI & DEAN- HOME SWEET HOLLYWOOD I love this show, don't judge. ;) SYTYCD who do you guys like? What do you think about the girl from Utah? I really like most everyone this season. They are all so good this year!! I think Melissa is so sweet and such a beautiful dancer.


  1. I love this season of SYTYCD! Kayla is one of my favorites, and Jeanette, oh and the ballet dancer I can't remember her name. I like Randi, but I don't think she will win. She is so Utah it's funny.

  2. You like Melissa?! Once she called herself the naughty ballerina she lost points for me. I love Randi unfortunately I think she deserves(am I anti Utah for saying this..?) to go home...I think she is wonderful but based off of last nights that Paso was HORRIFIC! That hair was terrible. I use to not like Janette but she is probably one of my most faves. Jason really grew on me last night, he just needed to get rid of Caitlyn. And I like Brandon. Kupono has GOT to go! I could talk for hours about this show. Ade I don't care for him either. Was the top 12 night of dances not the best night ever?! Best dance of the season by far Travis Wall- don't like his brown hair though haha. Sorry I'll quit before this comment turns into a novel.

    Bachelorette, I really still am holding out for Jake to win. HAHAHAHA I really liked him. I definitely like Ed better than Kiptyn(his was the only one and one date, at the first when there were tons of them, that I didn't see so I blame that) But those swimming shorts of Ed's were SO bad! The Ed situation was incredibly awkward especially after watching him oil her up. But she handled it a lot better than I was expecting from what the previews showed.

    By the way, I can not wait to see Ms. Lola! Daren is still semi on the fence about going to the reunion but I will make it happen!

  3. I adore Lola's swimming suit!! She's so dang cute! It was fun to play with you both last night!

    PS. I heart Ed.;)

  4. You guys looked like you had so much fun swimming, I wish me and Aiden could have gone with you!

  5. That is one of the things I'm looking forward to when I have kids. The swimming! Lola looks adorable. Is that your new fab suit you're wearing? :)

  6. Why yes it is my new swim suit. I love it soo much! Thank you for the great suggestion. You saved my summer haha

  7. hi! um your blog is so cute and your baby is cuter!
    Hope everything is fine and dandy up in UT!

  8. Okay, I'm super late commenting on this post, but I didn't get to watch last weeks SYTYCD until tonight and I am now watching this weeks! I am absolutely JEALOUS of Kayla's legs...I want them so bad! She has beautiful lines! I also think that Melissa is one of the most beautiful dancers ever on the show! However, I think I have to say my favorite is Janette! She has been spot on every week! As far as the guys go...hmmm. Honestly none of them really impress me. So, my mom text me this morning telling me that she would arrange to take Friday off to go to the SYTYCD tryouts in SLC with me if I would do it! HAHA, yeah right! But we only have like 2 more years before we are ineligible, maybe we should get in shape and go next year!


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