Friday, June 5, 2009

This is what happens when... are having an open house/party for your little biz in a little over a week and then you get a call for an order of 26 {possibly more} headbands, needed in the next few days... {ever so grateful for the business though}

I promise I am normally not this messy.  But when you need everything at arms length, you don't care how "pretty" it looks.  I am hoping this little guy below will help with the organization and ease of finding supplies.  I just got him tonight.

To make things even better, I am sick.  I missed work today because of the lack of my voice.  It is kinda necessary to have when answering a phone all day.  I have had a tissue up my nostril constantly, because its the run down your face at any given moment snot and that is not attractive. {like the tissue is much better}  side note: A friend of mine posted pics of herself with her tissues in both nostrils and I laughed so hard because I was doing the same thing at that exact moment.

So what did I do all night? I sat in my mess, making headbands and of course watching a chick flick.  I hope I can get all these headbands done before Chris and Lola start feeling neglected.

Just so everyone knows, you are all invited to bring whoever you would like, to the open house next week.  The more the merrier!!!

Here is a sneak peek of some newer items that will be added to the store when I have 2 seconds.

Lola trying to grab the camera, as always

Now I'm off to bed, I promise!


  1. Wow!! Look at you go with your big order! That's awesome! The new headbands are adorable!! And you look very cute, despite the tissue up your nose, ha ha.

  2. Congrats on the huge order! Gotta love that. I'm loving your hair these days. So cute!

  3. omigosh, your new ones are SO stinking cute! [just like the old ones...]

    sorry about the under-the-weather-ness. hope that turns around for you!

    i just watched that movie last night too! did you likey?

  4. I so wish I could go to your open house. I'm so happy your etsy store is going well.

  5. yay for your business, but boo for your sickness... your headbands are adoreable! way creative, I'm trying to decide if i can pull off the feathered ones...

  6. I love it! You weren't kidding about you doing the same "tissue up the nose" move that works so well! You look cute doing it though! I hope you get better, I got on some new antibiotics and ditched the tissues! :)

  7. You are so crafty. I'm glad I'm having a girl so I can partake in your cute headbands...

  8. Looks like fun! I love the last pic, I have made several of those little flowers they are adorable! Love them!


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