Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lola's First Hair Net

Oh gees, this is so funny! My aunt watches Lola Monday and Wednesdays. Well on weds my aunt Cheralyn and her son Chase go on fun field trips with kids in their neighborhood. Since Lola is there, she is lucky enough to go as well. {thanks to Cheralyn for taking both kids, she says Lola is her training baby since she is expecting her 2nd in the fall. Yes my aunt is young, she is only 8 years older than me :) }

On this last field trip they went to a plant where they make food and they all had to wear hair nets ha ha Look at baby Lola with her binky and hair net. My mom called last night and I told her about the pic, yes, only told her, she hadn't seen it yet and she was laughing so hard!

Without further ado(sp?)...

Chase is right behind Lola, looking at the kid next to him ;)

not sure what is going on with the bottom of the pic, you gotta love camera phones.

and speaking of hair nets... ya that's my segway... I got my hair did as well. Its my snazzy summer do. Thanks Chelsea, you always do such an awesome job! (Trying to be inconspicuous at work, hence the ugg face)

P.S. We are still watching LOST DVD's and we are way too addicted. I neglected everything last night and watched 4 episodes of LOST with Chris. muah ha ha


  1. So cute and hilarious! Plus I love your hair! Every time I start growing mine out I see a cute short style and it makes me want to cut it SOOO bad! Don't worry, I watched the entire season of True Blood last 12 episodes in two days! I've yet to get into Lost but I hear it is good and addicting!

  2. Super cute hair and pics of the kids! I'm trying to grow mine out as well... ugh?!? I miss ya!

  3. Todd and I did the same thing with LOST and Prison Break. I love TV on DVD, but it's so easy to just keep watching. We were addicted.

  4. ooooh, cute hair!! I can't wait until Lola changes her hair-do every few guys can go together and get yer hairs did.

  5. That pic is too cute! I LOVE your hair! (I don't think I've ever not liked your hair. It's always so cute.)

    p.s. super sorry I didn't make it to the open house. grad school is kicking my butt!

  6. your hair is way cute and the picture is hilarious! i love that they make even the little kiddies wear hair nets! so funny!

  7. LOVE your hair!! You look so great Dari! and that babe of yours is too cute rockin the hair net! :) Haha

  8. That is a hysterical picture. The combination of the binky and the hair net as well as the look in Lola's eye is hilarious! You know this will be a picture that will make people laugh, probably not Lola, for years!


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