Thursday, April 2, 2009

6 month pics... a little late.

Love the shades baby!

Of course, the binky...

talking to us...

What is going on?

falling over...

Not so happy...

Hello Chris Jr

How have I not added these on here? I put them on Facebook and I guess I figured they were here as well... DOH!

Here is the princess in all her glory, man is she cute! Thanks to my aunt Heather for taking these beautiful pictures. I am so lucky to have so many talented people around me... you guys, yes you!


  1. I still have not met her in person. Next time you come to Payson I should just walk two doors down. She is sure a cutie.

  2. These are adorable! She is so cute and you can tell has so much personality!

  3. Those pics. are so cute, Dari! She is such a doll!

  4. Oh man. I think they're all my favorites, I keep thinking "This one is my favorite for sure" then I go to the next one, "Wait, this one might be my favorite." She is so precious.

  5. These pics of your little lady are stinkin' adorable. She seriously is the sweetest and cutest little lady I know!! Even though I seen the pictures before....they still put a smile on my face:).

  6. She's so beautiful! And what a cute blog, Dari!


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