Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week one of motherhood

So I promise at some point my blog will get back to talking about other things than Lola but she is the center of my universe right now and I am not going to act like she's not ha ha I am obsessed with my little lady!!! She is beautiful and perfect and sweet and lovely and everything great that you could say.

So far she:
  • BF's well aka breast feeds, I am sure you all wanted to know that.. but its important!

  • Sleeps pretty well. Usually only 1 or 2 wakings a night.

  • Sleeps most of the day

  • Pee's and poo's like a champ, that is also important for new babies

  • Has reached her birth weight again. A lot of babies don't do that until 2 weeks old :)

  • Was stamped with the Grade A approval at her pediatrician appt yesterday

  • Got some oh so cute pics taken by awesome aunt Heather... I will post them when we get them back!

She is practically perfect in every way... Mary Poppins style. So my transition into motherhood has been a smooth one. Chris is so cute with her and loves her more than anything as well. He also worries about every single little thing... he has never really been around babies ;)

Here are some cute pics of our little angel. Of course her eyes are only open in one because her job, currently, is sleeping.

Look at those lips

Awake, for a minute

Little angel


  1. Okay, never have I been more excited to have another come into my life. I heart newborns so much. I partially forget until I see precious pics such as these. She's amazingly adorable, Dari!

    Lol to BFs. You are the cutest girl/mom ever.

    Ps: I don't have any baby kits left...but I'll keep you posted next time I have them!

    Have a great night little mother. I don't even {really} know you...& I was certain motherhood would agree with your cute self. (:

  2. She is so absolutely precious! I want to meet her in person...next time you are down this way you should let me know!

  3. Oh Dari she really is just so beautiful!!! How fun! Yay for Babies!! I want one!

  4. Love her! I can't wait to see her cuteness again..and your cuteness too of course.:)

  5. You are such a cute mom! I am glad to hear the BF is going well, it's not the easiest job in the world! She is absolutely beautiful!

  6. holy cute baby! And I would totally tell you if you had an ugly baby, but you so don't.

  7. You are a natural! But what else could I expect...thank you for the updates on little lola. She is a doll!

  8. She's so adorable! I need to come see you guys and meet little Lola. We should figure out a time because I'm dying here.
    Let me know when's good for you!

  9. Oh my...I just wanna kiss her freaking beautiful face!

  10. Hey you had a baby!! How grown up of you! Congrats she's cute -- brian

  11. Dari- SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Come visit your mom so I can sneak a peek!


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