Monday, September 22, 2008

Around the Perry residence

This last week Kristi, my BFF from Michigan, came to spend the week with us and meet baby Lola. It was so much fun!! We got out a little bit and it was so fun to see Kristi again! While she was here we: went to the Gateway for a short trip and Happy Sumo, we did a little more shopping later in the week, we went and visited Grandpa and Mamah Gordon, we relaxed at home (of course) and watched lots of movies at home. It was so great to see Kristi (and her little pregnant tummy) and let her get to know Lola!! Even though she is so far away I still talk to her everyday and see her about once a year. Not too bad for a long distance relationship ;) Thanks so much for coming all the way out to see us Kristi, you are a great friend!! I will put up a pic when she sends them to me.

Also this week, Lola was able to take her first real bath since her belly button yucky fell off. So here are some pics to document it. She is still not sure if she likes baths but she did a little better with her mini tub baths vs the wash cloth baths. She is still being such a good baby and is only fussy when she is hungry or has a gas bubble, etc. Last week I forgot to say how much she weighed at her 2 week appt. She weighed 10lbs 5oz. which means she is probably close to 11lbs now. We are so grateful that she is healthy, strong, and happy.

Saturday Lola got to hang out with Lucy, our friend Chris and Tami's baby. It is fun to have friends that have a baby too, that we can hang out with and feel like we aren't the odd ones out haha Lucy is almost one but we know when Lola gets a little bigger, they will be great friends!

We have some fun things coming up this week so we will have to blog about them next week, one of them is Brit and Mike's sealing!!! I am so excited for them and am happy to be a part of their BIG day!! :)


  1. Fun times! I love the first bath. Great pictures!

  2. I LOVE bath time! I love trhe smell of a clean fresh baby! Time flies, so enjoy those precious little moments!

  3. SHe's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB MAMA!

  4. That was sweet of Kristi to fly out to visit you and see darling Lola!! What an awesome friend!


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