Friday, July 11, 2008

Softball and more softball

Chris has been playing A LOT of softball this summer. He is really enjoying it and is quite good, if I might say so myself. His main team was "The Jazz", he played with all of his high school and Layton buddies in a league in Kaysville. I always went to these games! Lots of fun and I got to hang out with Sniggerdu, what's not to love about that?! Chris plays first base and has some killer splits that I surprisingly didn't know about! I told Snigga that I train him and do stretching exercises with him, as well as making him take yoga... ALL LIES. ha ha
Well this last Monday "The Jazz" finished up this leagues tourney as #1!!!! That is right, they won the tournament in their catagory. So here is a pic of Chris and Johnny showing off the rather ginormous trophy that their team won. The trophy will be displayed at Academy Sports {Skyler's dad's store}. Trace's mom took pics of the whole team, so hopefully lil Trace will email those to everyone soon and I will post it on here! Good Job boys! I love watching you play and being around all of you lil sweeties! {As a side note there were three pregnant wives in the crowd almost every week. One of the babes was born in the middle of the season, one is due in the end of July and Lola in Sept. Lots of preggo girls!}

Chris also plays in 2 leagues in Ogden. He plays with the Associate team on Tuesdays and a co-ed team on Wednesdays. So Mon-Wed, this guy is busy! I am glad he is doing something he loves and is having a good time! Even though he is the most accident prone person I know and comes home at least every other week with some new physical ailment... Love you Chris, my lil injured man!


  1. Ha ha! Why am I not surprised that Chris can randomly do the splits?? He's so funny!

  2. That is a big trophy! Curtis has been playing city league baseball and the games are so much fun!

  3. I LOVE the headband you made me! Great quality- very artistic. Best of luck with your sales:)


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