Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Young Womens last night

It was so cute, last night we had Kathy Matthews, a sweet lady in our ward, come and teach the girls about makeup and how to apply it. She is a Mary Kay sales rep and she did a great job! The girls looked so pretty and we only had a couple poor sports... you will be able to tell who they were in the slide show ha ha I stole this cute slide show from my friend Jaime. She is in the presidency with me. Thanks Jaime!

Here are our pretty girls!


  1. Oh man...anything makeup and I am there! I love it so much and I know it is a silly thing to love...but I can't help is my artistic outlet everyday in a way. What a fun activity...I just hope the Mary Kay lady doesn't stalk down everyone of those girls now ;D

  2. I remember doing an activity like this in my Young Womens back in the day! Obviously I didn't learn much from it seeing as the only thing I know how to do is put on mascara. What a fun activity though for your girls.

  3. I'm glad you were able to use the slide show. I love your commentary about our poor sports! :)You rock!

  4. how flippin cute is that activity! I bet they just lovvvved it! CONGRATS on Lola!!! Cute name!


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