Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The weekend and baby update

This weekend was a blast! We went to a show on Friday at the Avalon. Everyone was way excited to see Far Less, but don't worry. We got there a half hour after the show started which is usually when the show starts and Far Less had already played and were done, next band already on the stage and playing. We figure they started early to have been that far into the show... BOO! I think I was the only one that was halfway ok with staying and finishing the show out. The other bands were Between the Trees (never heard of them, meh), The Honorary Title (they were ok, not great), and Mae, I love Mae and their old songs bring back great memories. They aren't a fav of mine but it was way fun to see them live again :)
After the show we (Chris, I, Sindee, Josh, and Scott) went to Coachman's pancake house. It is always a great adventure, like stepping back into a cheesy 1970's diner! Gold flake glass, stained glass, and all. Chris had a little mishap with the tooth picks and Sindee had a mishap with the butter. It was great!! Good times, with good friends! For a great rendering of the story visit Sindee's site haha

Sindee and her butter hair
Josh being creepy

Scott probably texting Ali, we miss her!

Me looking angry helping Chris remedy the toothpick sitch (I promise I am not a mean wife)
Look at the pile of toothpicks on the counter...

I got another ultrasound on Thursday for a research study (aka free!) and we confirmed that Lola is a Lola and not a Max. :) In the dark area it is basically like she is sitting on a copying machine and we are seeing her little legs and bum and no pee-pee. Also on the top next to her leg you can see her lil fingers... CUTE!!!

This picture from my weekly baby email is perfect!!! This is the exact point I am at! Right in between my clothes and maternity clothes. The rubber band on the top button of my pants is working splendidly. I am just glad the rest of my bottom half still fit normally in the pre-preg pants! :)


  1. how fun! Congrats on Lola... what a cutie alrady!!! how have you been feeling?

  2. Lola=amazing name! So fun. Girls rule, yo.

  3. You look great! I love to see all the fun things you are always up to...I love to be busy but I am not quite as cool and hip as you, maybe someday!

    Good luck with the clothes situation. My advice: wear normal clothes as long as possible, prego clothes{even super cute ones}get old super guick!

  4. i kind of feel bad for lola.... i mean you're totally sharing her private parts to everyone....
    gosh mom.

  5. Sindee- ha ha I actually thought about that... sorry Lola :) I was just too excited not to share the proof with everybody else... lets say its comparable to a bare butt photo with all the chub rolls.


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