Friday, March 14, 2008

Those cute doggies...

The other day my Mom instant messaged me and said that their new dog Andy's ear was sticking up and the other one wasn't. She asked if I thought it would stay that way. I told her that the wild ear will probably calm down or the other one will catch up but that she should definitely send me a picture of the lop-sided ears. Just look at this cute little guy. When I got this pic, it reminded me so much of little baby Cooper. I think Andy looks a lot like Cooper as a young pup. :)

Here is little Andy and his skeewompus ears...
... and little baby Coop in his kercheif as well.

These little doggies just melt my heart!


  1. If you've been reading my'd know that its not always that the other one is sure to follow. Meli's ear was up for about 2 weeks...then went back down. 2 weeks later the other one went up...and its still up. Only special occasion does she look like a normal dog.

  2. I don't even like dogs, but those little puppies are so adorable! I just wanna squeeze em and kiss em!

  3. Ah how cute! We really do need to set up a 'playtime' for Milo and Coop. They would love it. Plus I haven't seen you in a while.... and that makes me sad!


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