Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend!

We had a great weekend! It was weird to have Easter so early but I was happy to have it. Easter is a fun and special holiday. It gives us another way to remember the atonement of Jesus Christ and all that he does and has done for us. We are so lucky to have the atonement, what a great blessing. Ok so here is a re-cap of the weekend. Of course our camera battery was dead and I forgot to recharge the battery and take some fun pics. So this is a boring text entry haha

Friday- Chris, Coop, and I headed down to Payson. Dropped of the dog and met Devin and Lisa in Springville for dinner at Joe Bandito's, an excellent Mexican restaurant! We then went back to their place and played x box and chatted the night away. A fun time indeed and we finally got to meet their cute dog, Chino. What a sweetie he is!

Saturday- Slept in!!!!!!!! Mom and Dad had made a delicious breakfast! I ate like a fat girl {as usual} and got ready for the day. We all headed to Uncle Brad and Aunt Jan's house for a BBQ and Easter egg hunt. The food was great and the company was even better! I love being around my family. They are awesome! It was fun also because since I am starting to show, everyone was loving the tummy and all excited that we get to find out the sex this week! All the little kids got great treats and grandma made her famous cup cakes and peanut butter chocolate covered eggs!!! YUMMY!

Then my sweet mummy took me to the Provo Towne Center mall and bought me and Easter dress or two at the only store I will be seeing for a while... Motherhood Maternity haha Ok not the only, but one I will frequent more often! We had a fun time. Later that night we all went out to eat some yummers Chinese food at a place in Payson.

Sunday- We got our Easter baskets full of treats and ate some more yummy breakfast. Then it was off to church. It was fun to see friends I haven't seen in a while at the home ward and my mom participated in the Easter program :) Then we had a great Easter dinner of ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, asparagus!, green salad, and strawberry shortcake!

I love being able to relax and spend time with the family, especially during the holidays!!!

Lastly here is a pic of my new do! I needed a change for spring and because... who am I kidding... I always have to change my hair every few months!! I tried out a new hair girl {Tara} and she was awesome. So anyone up this way that may be looking for a great hair stylist... let me know :)
{here is me posing at work with a variety faces for you haha}


  1. I'm so excited to find out what you the sex of your baby is!!! Also, your easter dinner sounds like it was downright scrumptious.

    Hooray for new hair!!

  2. I like the blunt bangs! I did that several weeks ago, but now they are swag bangs again since I don't care enough to go get them trimmed (and I am too lazy to do it myself).

  3. I like your new hair. I'm with you- who has "a hair style" at our age? I always am switching it up. However, the lady that does mine is a bit more conservative than I'd like her to be. If only I lived down that way.

    Easter with the Gordon's sounds like fun- never done it before. I've never even been to Brad and Jan's house, I guess I'll get to experience it next month. I don't even get the invite to family events anymore(due to the fact we never can and we live too far away to make it worth while)

  4. Thats crazy that you are finding out the sex of the baby! I'm so excited for you! Keep me informed and start thinking of a day that will work for our 'doggie date' and I'll run it by Megs. XO


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