Thursday, February 14, 2008

I've been tagged

So M'Liss tagged me to do the 6 things about me or that I like or something like that. I did this a while back but I will do it again and think of new things :)

  1. I love Doris day movies and a lot of old movies in general. But Doris Day is my favorite. She is so adorable and sometimes I wish I could be a cute little housewife like that and wear the cute clothes and be a delicate flower. But alas, I am me and I belch sometimes and I am lazy sometimes and luckily Chris doesn't expect me to be his "slave" ha ha Also Nat and Netti have started calling me Daris Day and I LOVE it!!
  2. I am a family gal. I love being with my family!! I love it when we can spend the whole weekend at my parents house and be lazy and play and eat and enjoy each others company. Chris and I hang out with his parents quite a bit too and they are a blast as well. If we go to dinner we almost always call his parents and invite them along for the ride. We have awesome parents and I have great bros and a fabulous sis.
  3. I love to make Chris breakfast in bed and do it almost every Saturday morning unless we are at my parents or something. I think it is the only way to get him to wake up on Saturdays... maybe thats why I do it. I get bored hanging out by myself in the morning ha ha But if I don't make breakfast I love to eat Sill's or Doug and Emmy's boss breakfast to go!!! Nothing like a little artery clogging breakfast every now and then!
  4. I love Taco Bell. I think most of you know this already. I crave it on an every other day basis, almost. Luckily Chris has caught on and craves it now as well. Plus it is so much easier than making dinner ;)
  5. I have almost died 3 times. A lot of you have already heard the stories but here are clues to how, if you haven't heard. 1- almost drowned when I was a wee one. {Thanks uncle Sheldon for saving me!} 2- I had a brief Leukemia scare when I was 2. 3- I almost got ran over by a man that blacked out while driving. So needless to say, I am here for a reason and I try to live my life so I am worthy or all these chances I have been given :)
  6. I have a soft spot for doggies. I have grown an intense love for dogs. Not all dogs but a lot of them. When those dang Humane Society and pet adoption commercials come on, I cry almost everytime when I see the sad doggies. I wish I could save all the doggies that are put to sleep. EVERYONE, IF YOU WANT A DOG, GO ADOPT ONE. My aunt and Uncle did and he is the sweetest ever! Also I watched the movie "The Year of the Dog" on my moms recommendation, she warned me that it was sad but gees. I was hit by a semi at full speed. I bawled the entire movie and a half hour or so afterward!!!!!!!!! I am not exaggerating. I sat on my bed hugging and rocking Cooper praying that he would NEVER die. Oh dear!

So there is a little about me. I tag anyone who reads this and would like to do their own. I love learning a little more about you guys!

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  1. Dari you are so much fun! I love Doris Day too! She's a fiesty one but seemed so down to earth. Have you seen Calamity Jane?


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