Friday, January 25, 2008

Good Tunes...

All day I have been contemplating if I wanted to post anything today and what kept coming to mind were songs.... so thank you Youtube. Now I can share some music that I enjoy and has been on my mind so you can have an earful of sweet nectar before the weekend begins. If you don't have time to watch the videos you should definitely listen to the tunes while going about your business :) {Be sure to pause my music player on the side}

Mew- Special

This is off of "And The Glass Handed Kites" album. A great album!

Architecture in Helsinki
Fast forward to 55 seconds for the music

Their song Lazy (lazy) is fun too! This whole CD will keep you dancing and cheery. The album is called "Places Like This".

Decibully- Penny Look Down

I haven't listened to these guys forever but last night it came on shuffle and I was so excited because I love them. The first CD is the best "City of Festivals" but their videos were few and far between so this is off of "Sing Out America!" It's a bit more political than the first.

Owen- One of These Days

Owen is my best friend Kristi and I's dream-crush-man. If we both weren't very happily married, we might be following him around the country and fighting over who would marry him ha ha So *BEWARE-after watching this video you may be in love with Mike Kinsella as well.* That is his real name, he goes by Owen for the band or whatever you want to call it, he does all of the instruments himself and is AMAZING!

Kaiser Chiefs- Ruby

This song is just adorable and happy! I have been loving it lately. A big nod to Guitar Hero 3 for including it in the bonus songs! I love to play it and sing a long!

Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass

Wow I love this guy! He is white and listening to him you would have no idea, I think that is funny. This is off of the album "None Shall Pass" but I really love the album "Labor Days", a really cute song off of that album is "No Regrets" but we like to call it Lucy. This guy is OOBER talented!

Tokyo Police Club- Citizens of Tomorrow

These guys are so great! They remind me of the Editors or a little of Bloc Party. They are just an easy listen and once again the whole album is great! Its from "A Lesson in Crime". They are coming to Utah on March 22 at Kilby Court. :)

I liked doing this so I may start doing it every week or two for your listening pleasure. I could go on and on but then songs would get over looked and that is not my intention ;)

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