Friday, December 21, 2007

Finally- RoLee's Birthday!

So this past Monday we went to dinner at the Olive Garden for my bro RoLee's big 14th Birthday. I can't believe he is getting so old... I have so much more to say about him but I don't want to give away some the things I am going to use for the 14 Reasons I looove RoLee. So here it goes...


  1. This picture pretty much explains it, he is funny in the subtlest way, most of the time. After Nicole took this picture, I looked at it and started laughing so hard. I said, "RoLee you didn't smile" and he said "I know, I did it on purpose" ha ha That little Goober! You gotta love him! {Ryk and RoLee}

  2. He is Best Friends with his lil brother Ryker. They have so much fun together. They still share a room {and a queen-sized bed} and they don't even mind. They love having the company. Although RoLee will be taking Rhett's room when he leaves for his mission in the end of January.

  3. He is a smart kid! He does great in school and is on the student counsel. {which is nominated by the teachers} He goes to charter school and loves it and has been learning a lot and has great teachers.

  4. He is taller than me! Ya he is 14 and taller than me! He is close to 6' and is sturdy like a football player; not to mention, he already wears a size 12 shoe!

  5. He also loves making home movies with Ryker. He likes to come up with creative ideas and direct. They recently told me they made 2 of their own episodes of "The Office"! I am so excited to see them and hope they will show me later tonight ;) {Rhett and Rolaids- P.S. Chris told RoLee his Rolaids flavor is Orange, Blaze, Thunder! and him and Chris even have a pose for their commercial some day}

  6. He is a sweetie. He can be very tender hearted and cares a lot about other people. He was having a hard night last week because his piano teacher gave him a hard time and it really affected him.

  7. To go with the above, he is great at playing the piano. I love going to watch him at recitals and such. Their teacher has them memorize their recital pieces and he always makes me so proud of him.

  8. He is a master at Guitar Hero. He can play all the hard songs and some expert ones. Sometimes he doesn't even have to watch the screen... coordinated-pants :P {Nic and Rhett}

  9. He will always hang out with me when I go down to my parents'. We can play Guitar Hero or watch a movie or run an errand and he is up for it.... unless...

  10. ....there is a sports game on TV that he wants to watch. He loves sports and loves BYU. For a gift this year him, Ryker, and my dad all got season tickets to BYU football for 2008. He is stoked!

  11. He will say the funniest things very unexpectedly. We will be chatting and all the sudden he will throw in the funniest line or comment. It always catches me off guard and I love it!

  12. One of my fav memories was Halloween last year. We were carving pumpkins and he wanted me to help him, so we got on the internet and found the most awesome skull and cross bones. {that is what he had been looking for} So I printed it out and carved the pumpkin just like it. {my best pumpkin ever, if I do say so} He was so stoked! He kept being like, "Mine and Dari's pumpkin is so awesome!" and "I love our pumpkin Dari, it looks great!". The best part was that he told me if he ever got a tattoo {if it wasn't against the rules} he would get that skull and cross bones. ha ha He is a cutie! {side note about the below pic... Mom is making yet, another, crazy smile. This time I confronted her about it. I said something like, you are funny, why did you open your mouth so wide mom... she said something about Barbara Walters saying that you will never have a bad smile with an open mouth one... which lead to Chris starting a convo about "The View", etc and how we all HATE that show. I then proceeded to tell Mom that she looks like a muppet when she smiles like that ha ha She even got a kick out of that ;) Isn't my dad the cutest?}

  13. Sometimes when I say, "I love you" to him, he says "K" back ha ha I don't think he thinks about it. Sometimes he will say I love you but it makes me giggle when he doesn't!

  14. Last- we always teased that he was the milkman's child. Because he looks a lot different than the rest of us with his reddish hair and all. Also he is so quiet and reserved and NONE of us are like that.... AT ALL. But then I would always feel bad that people teased him, so I made a conscious effort to give him more attention so he wouldn't grow up and have a complex! ha

Thanks RoLee for being a great bro and partner in crime. I love you so much!!!

Last but not least, Chris and I :)

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  1. RoLee is the coolest! Remember when Kari would play "Lion King" on the Super Nintendo with your brothers and RoLee would sing opera! That was my favorite!


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