Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Dreaded Grove

This weekend Chris and I went to the Dreaded Grove with Scott and Ali. What's even better is that Ali works there selling tickets, so she got 4 tickets for free= Chris and I got in for FREE! That is my kind of price :) It was pretty fun, very family friendly... not that scary. But fun none the less! After that we decided we wanted to go on the "Swamp Ride" which is basically a ride on a 6 wheeler (kinda like a 4 wheeler, but bigger and with 2 row seats!) It is an amphibious vehicle, so you get whipped around this path of mud and trees then you go through the swamp water too. That was a little scary, we were a little teatery... Chris is a huge guy and Scott is pretty sturdy too. The driver said this was the heaviest load he had taken so the swamp part was a little scary... we had to keep leaning so the thing wouldn't tip over in the deep water ha ha But it was so much fun!

On Saturday, we hung out with my family. We went and saw "Dan in real life" and went to dinner at the Pizza Factory. It was a blast! Dan in real life was a very good movie. It was so cute and even Chris liked it ;)

Sunday was Chris' friend- Dave's homecoming. He did a great job speaking and it was fun to see our friends. A good weekend overall. I am getting sad that the Halloween season is almost over though. I love Halloween and am excited to dress up one last time, for this year, on Halloween!!

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