Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Sumo again!

On Saturday I went boating with my honey, John and Snigga, and Jed. It was way fun but a lot shorter than we normally go for. Mostly because Jed had plans in Salt Lake and I had some of my Payson friends coming up to hang out. We met at the Gateway and of course ate at Happy Sumo.
I love that place! It is tasty. I have the problem with ordering the same thing everytime though... Chris always makes fun because if I find something I like at a restaurant and I rarely deviate from ordering that item EVERY time we go. ha ha It was a good time and fun for all. But we were bummed that we got done eating so late, because we hauled butt to Forever 21 and it was closed :( So we decided to make another day to go shopping at the Nordstrom Rack and Forever 21. I guess they were all tired because after that they just went home... So I was forced to go home and watch TV because there was nothing else going on at 10:20 on a Saturday night for me. I can't help it if I am a creature of the night on the weekends ;)

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  1. Ha ha, I am the same way, when I find something I like at a restaurant, I very rarely get something different.


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